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Weekend reading

2004 July 10
by Skip Sauer

Robert Weintraub spent a week in Europe, taking in Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, a track meet in Newcastle, and the Tour de France. A series of articles at Slate present his observations on the scene at these events, beginning with the races at Ascot. He has an eye for the unusual, and an entertaining way of describing it:

A note in the sports page reveals that over 150,000 bottles of champagne are consumed over the five days of racing. The queen and the stuffy Ascot officials aren’t likely to publicize stats on the teams of Foster’s beer distributors, who wear giant backpack kegs and move about the Pavilion looking like Ghostbusters, shooting streams of Australian export into decidedly less snobbish mouths.

Interesting innovation. I wonder if we’ll see it spread to the States.

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