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More on Golf and the Economy

2008 February 29
by Skip Sauer

Me speaking on Las Vegas NPR, with the AP’s award winning writer, Tim Dahlberg, on the decline of golf (lengthy discussion). I blame it on the gals, in part, for reasons pooh poohed in Phil’s post below. I think the sustained increase in women’s labor force participation over the past several decades affects intra-household bargaining in a way that keeps the guys off the course. If golf could jettison its image of a male bastion of privilege (hello, Augusta!) and make the clubhouse and course more lady-friendly, that might help. Hot babes in the LPGA like Natalie et al. might, in an ironic way, help bring that about.

On the economy in general, I spoke with Sportz Undercover’s Jared Zwerling also this week (interview here). I argue that the economic slowdown will have a minor and perhaps negligible impact on the sports industry. This reflects my assumption that the downturn is temporary and the long term trend, which is a strong positive for the sports markets, will be maintained.

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