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Once the World Cup is over, someone should check and see if this is in the data:

Football 'to deliver £1bn kick to spending'
By Neelam Verjee
WORLD CUP-related purchases are expected to boost total consumer spending by an extra 50 per cent to £3 billion during the month of the tournament.

Kevin Hawkins, director of the British Retail Consortium, said yesterday that on top of the £2 billion that is spent each month by consumers, football fans were likely to spend an additional £750 million on items such as beer, spirits, food and audio-visual equipment, as well as £250 million in pubs and clubs. However, the amount spent would depend on the weather and "how long England stays in the World Cup".

50 per cent, is, if I may be so bold, a lot. Since the World Cup spans an entire month, its impact on beer sales might be measurable (unlike the Super Bowl). Could all that soccer have an effect on... birth rates (down, presumably, if sport and sex are substitutes)? ...death rates (by drunk driving)? Betting at Royal Ascot?