Ranking the GMs at Forbes

Stephen Ross of the Dickinson School of Law at Penn State refers you to the following ranking of General Managers in sports, done by the boys at Forbes.com. Here's the top ten:

Rank General
as GM

(all teams)

(Indexed to 100)

(Indexed to 100)
League Current Team
1Kevin McHale1123581NBA Minnesota Timberwolves
2Jay Feaster322271NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
3Billy King821589NBA Philadelphia 76ers
4A.J. Smith4209106NFL San Diego Chargers
5Lou Lamoriello1820275NHL New Jersey Devils
6Don Waddell619588NHL Atlanta Thrashers
7Marty Hurney519191NFL Carolina Panthers
8Jerry Angelo618693NFL Chicago Bears
9Bill Polian19176101NFL Indianapolis Colts
10John Paxson317976NBA Chicago Bulls

The factors used are winning improvement and cost containment. McHale took over a team that was losing at an 80% clip, so regression to the mean is one element that the factors don't account for very well.

In an email to me Steve asked "what do you economists think of these measures?" Use the comments to let him know!