Announcing the New Quebec City Arena...

Big news out of Quebec today.  The Province of Quebec and the Quebec City government announced formal plans to build a new arena in Quebec City.  The new facility will be 100% publicly financed, with the province and the city each picking up half of the cost.  The plan is to build the arena in hopes of attracting an NHL franchise back to Quebec City, which has been without a franchise since the Nordiques left for Colorado in 1995.

Kids, don't try this at home.  Building an arena before you have a major league tenant under contract is not for amateurs.   It should only be attempted by politicians with deep pockets and a poor understanding of the economics of professional sports leagues and teams.  Consider, for example, the Sprint Center in Kansas City which was constructed on the same premise.  It opened in 2007.  I checked the schedule today and Kid Rock, Monster Jam Freestyle Mania, and the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions are going to be there in the next few weeks!

The new Quebec City Arena has "Epic Fail" already pre-stamped all over it.  Consider:

Bettman can't promise a franchise.  But I can promise that if the arena gets built, the people who try to negotiate with a potential NFL franchise owner will have the weakest bargaining position possible.  And I can promise that any existing NHL franchise owner who wants a new facility ("Paging Darryl Katz and N. Murray Edwards") will be eager to speak with these gentlemen from Quebec.