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A brief appreciation of Doug Pappas

I was saddened on my return from the fishing trip to hear that Doug Pappas had passed away. I knew Doug only from his work on the business of baseball, and through conversations with others. His web site has long been a treasure for folks like me who ask economic questions and need facts to forge an answer. He made data, analysis, and commentary available to anyone with an internet connection. And it was all good; really, really good. Doug's site is a testimony to intellect, diligence, and conviction. It's a measuring stick for the best that the web can be. His passing is a loss to our community, but it's also a reminder of the good things we can produce with this form of communication. Thanks, Doug.

Now, can anyone figure out how to keep alive the Bud Selig Countdown Clock, appropriately placed at the top of Doug's blog?

Update: SABR's web site has a nice obituary (via Baseball Musings).