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A dynasty in ruins

Mark Heisler chronicles the rise and fall of the Lakers in today's LA Times. Here's his bottom line.

It's not written anywhere that a great organization has to stay great. The Celtics all but invented this league, but they haven't won a title since 1986 and aren't closing in on their next one.

Nor would I hold my breath waiting for the Lakers' next one. Their last miracle took nine years from the '91 Finals to the 2000 title, so if they pull off another one just like it, they'll win their next title in 2013.

I was delighted when the Pistons won last year, a complete reversal of my sympathies from the days when Magic and Coop battled the dastardly Laimbeer and Mahorn. Nevertheless, it is sad to see the Lakers fall so precipitously. Many fingers are pointed at Kobe these days, but the ego that is Shaq does not come off well in Heisler's piece either.