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A quarter per quarter

That's the price of some tickets to this year's Orange Bowl, according to's Arash Markazi.

It's no secret that the Orange Bowl features the worst matchup of all the BCS games (Virginia Tech-Cincinnati), but when was the last time you heard of tickets being sold for a buck for any sporting event by scalpers? I'm fairly certain even the WNBA requires fans to donate more than four quarters before walking through the turnstiles.

The Orange Bowl is by far the cheapest ticket available of all the bowl games according to Tickets for the Music City Bowl (Boston College-Vanderbilt) can be had for $1.99 while the Sun Bowl seems to be gauging fans for $7.50 to see Pittsburgh play Oregon State.

There are only two bowl games, the Rose Bowl and the BCS National Championship Game, where the lowest ticket price is over $100. There are 25 bowl games where the lowest ticket price is less than $50. You can see the Holiday Bowl (Oklahoma State-Oregon), my dark horse pick for best bowl game this season, for $12.

Like Markazi, I like snooping around for bargains, but the lowest price I can find for Orange Bowl tickets is $10 at both StubHub and VividSeats. Perhaps he was referring to the seats being auctioned at StubHub, which are now fetching a bid of $3.25 (81.25 cents per quarter). It's a bull market, I'm telling ya!