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Abramovich's yacht

Roman Abramovich is the Russian oil baron who bought Chelsea Football Club last year. Many visitors to this weblog are apparently looking for a picture of his yacht, Pelorus. Curious, I found a gallery of photos here. It's one hell of a boat. This guy would make Donald Trump look a pauper.

Update:Apparently the fuss over the yacht is driven by stories like this from Euro 2004:

If you’re a football-mad billionaire you can afford to travel to the season’s hottest sporting event in style – like Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovitch.

The Russian businessman, whose fortune is estimated to stand at around £7 billion, currently has two of his state-of-the-art-vessels moored in Lisbon harbour in advance of the upcoming European Championships in Portugal.

The £66 million Pelorus, which is staffed by a crew of 40 and costs around £6 million a year to run, is snuggled up on the quay alongside Roman’s £60 million Grand Bleu. With its smaller yacht and two helicopter pads, the latter makes a perfect base from which to nip over to the various matches being held around the country during the coming month.

This shot of Pelorus doesn't quite do it justice - its 377 foot length makes it the 5th largest yacht in the world - but it fits in my space unlike the more spectacular pics linked above. Still, it's the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a James Bond film.