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An innovation ignored?

Mike Marshall has a theory for why he "holds major-league records for games pitched in one season (106), relief innings pitched (208 1/3) and consecutive games for a pitcher (13), all set with the Los Angeles Dodgers in his 1974 Cy Young season." And a doctorate in exercise physiology. And a trainer center, where he teaches kids and veterans how to throw the Mike Marshall way.

Marshall is a vocal critic of traditional methods of training pitchers, and claims that his techniques lead to effective, pain-free pitching with much lower incidence of arm injuries. But nobody is buying what the former Cy Young award winner is selling. Is it because the throwing motion looks funny? Or perhaps as John Scheurholz said, people are reluctant to embrace "a concept that's so basically diametrically opposed to the teachings of baseball." Or maybe it's because Marshall is irascible and "wacko." Regardless of the reason, the story as told by Jeff Passan is fascinating reading.