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"An unmitigated disaster"

This year's Nobel Prize winners have gathered in Stockholm, and are exchanging views among themselves and with reporters. The economics Nobelist, Ed Prescott, is no wallflower when it comes to stating controversial views.

The theme of this article is Prescott's view of the twin deficits - he dismisses the current controversy as politically motivated "yelling and screaming." But I found the remark below particularly amusing:

Speaking at Tuesday's news conference, one of the physics prize winners, Davis Gross of the United States, talked about scientists' passion for their work, saying: "Making money is perhaps fun ... but it's nothing compared with exploring nature."

Asked by reporters afterwards about the effects on economic growth if all people thought like Gross, Prescott said: "It would be an unmitigated disaster."

In the absence of people having different skills and differing tastes across various forms of knowledge, we'd be much poorer. But saying it that way doesn't get you in the newspaper!