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Another tech-savvy coach

It's Brian Billick, profiled in a neat story by Seth Schiesel in today's NY Times:

And by the end of the 80's, when Billick was on the staff at Stanford, he was connecting computers to VCR's to start categorizing and processing game film. Around the same time, he heard about something called the Macintosh, this time through another sibling.

"My sister, oddly enough, is the one that got me started," he recalled. "My brother is a staunch I.B.M. guy: 'Apple useless, toy.' My sister: 'Oh, look at the great graphics.' Creative versus number crunching. So the number-crunching side of me is served well by my background of my brother helping me learning the spreadsheet concepts. But now as my sister starts to show me what she's doing on these little Apples, I'm thinking, 'Damn, if we can input our plays and catalog them and save them and literally drag and drop, how much time are we going to save?' "

..."We went from 16 millimeter, very cumbersome, to VHS, which was still time-consuming, to digital," he says. "If I had had to call up the film guys and asked them to do this, it could have easily taken two days and we did it in what? Twenty seconds?"

That innovation surely made a huge difference in the productivity of film analysis.

What's next? Virtual reality - film has limitations, you see. Great story (read the whole thing).