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Are the Patriots a model organization?

I think they probably are, and hence worth studying.

There are a number of books out on the Patriots, which is a typical of a championship team. But Management Secrets of the New England Patriots is not your typical sports book. Author James Lavin has a PhD in economics from Stanford, where he studied "high performance work organizations." His book examines the Patriots' story from this point of view.

To get a sense of the book, check out this interview with Lavin by Doug Farrar of Seahawks.NET. One thing I did not know was the caliber of coaches that Belichick had assembled, and likely helped develop, on his staff in Cleveland, the job from which he was fired by Art Modell in 1995. They include Kirk Ferentz and Nick Saban, both subsequently honored as NCAA coach of the year. Belichick's success would seem to extend beyond the Patriots.

Also noteworthy is Lavin's analysis of the impact of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis leaving for Notre Dame. The complex schemes, and the fact that all information is openly shared in the Patriots organization (a core principle in Jim Collins' book Good to Great) leads Lavin to two predictions. First, that Weis' successor will come from within the organization (see Collins, again). Second, that the Patriots will continue to be successful after Weis' departure, because they are prepared for the departure of anyone, Belichick included!

You can read sample chapters of the book here, and purchase it in either paperback or pdf form. I did the latter (for a mere $7.20), and very much look forward to reading the entire book.