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I was in Europe for the Preakness, an event I never miss. But I was lucky to miss this one, because I love horses, love racing, and saw Barbaro as the hero the sport has missed for so long. I can't imagine the shock of watching him break his leg in that race, and am fortunate to have been spared it.

I've held off commenting since then, knowing what every person who has owned and worked with racehorses knows in their gut: that these delicate animals just don't take to immobility at all, that it has a corrosive effect on their condition, and that the cumulative effects are ... let's just say awful to contemplate.

Despite all of the stories about how well Barbaro had been doing since his operation, Doctor Richardson has always said that his prospects for recovery were 50-50 at best. But in the past few days, after a series of additional operations and the onset of laminitis, the doc has been letting us down slow. Joe Drape reports that Barbaro's prospects are now described as "poor." The Bloodhorse has more.

He might not be with us for much longer, but he showed us the dream was still possible. Thanks, Barbaro.