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Baseball Arbitration Results

The baseball arbitration season is over, and owners came out on top in the majority of cases for the 8th straight year.

Players aren't exactly suffering though, as the average award was over $3.2 million, about $800k over last year's average salary in MLB. The biggest gainer was Albert Pujols, whose salary increased from $950k to over $14 million. As Harry Carray would say, Holy Cow!

Albert may have "gotten his," but the Player's Association believes owner collusion may be lurking in the shadows. The AP story linked above states that many players signed contracts prior to the Jan. 15 arbitration deadline "because their team threatened to release them the previous month." Hmm, were those threats coordinated? If so, that's collusion. Player unhappiness on the issue is discussed here.

Good analyses of baseball arbitration can be found Paul Sommers' Diamonds are Forever, published by Brookings, and The Money Pitch, by law professor Roger Abrams.