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Beltran negotiations, blow by blow

Richard Justice gives Boras and McLane's views of the Beltran negotiations. Here's the first bit:

What bothers Drayton McLane even now is that there were never any real negotiations.

Only in the final hour or so before Saturday's 11 p.m. deadline did he and Scott Boras have a serious give-and-take about Carlos Beltran.

McLane now wonders if Beltran ever intended to sign with the Astros. He wonders if he was used as leverage to get Beltran a deal elsewhere.

Boras emphatically denies this. He telephoned Monday afternoon to say the deal fell apart because McLane refused to give Beltran the same no-trade clause he had given Andy Pettitte.

"We'd agreed on all the economic issues," Boras said. "Drayton stepped up big-time."

I don't see that Beltran got a better deal (in net income) from the Mets, and all indications are that he had no desire to leave Houston. If that is true, why did he leave? At the eleventh hour, the no trade clause component was fumbled by the Astros. Remember it was Astros sources who broke the news on the no trade issue the night that negotiations failed. This is not just Boras blowing smoke.

My reading of the information in Justice's article is that it's "blame Boras time" at McLane's place. This doesn't wash. The situation can be viewed as quite the reverse of how McLane is spinning it. The facts are that McLane low-balled Beltran initially, and competition from the Mets was required to get the Astros' offer up to market value. Read the article and see what you think. Thanks to The Fix at the WSJ ($) for the link.