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Billy Beane, a Celebrity in Finance

Oakland A's general Manager Billy Beane has become a star attraction on Wall Street, writes John Authers in the Financial Times.

[A]t T. Rowe Price's annual investment symposium in Baltimore last month, he took top billing over an array of investment analysts and historians, and kept his audience -- mostly of fund managers and their clients -- rapt with attention.

Beane's great contribution to baseball -- he is quick to admit -- has been to apply to it techniques that were first honed by investors on Wall Street. Now, to his evident enjoyment, Wall Street is interested by the lessons it can learn from the world of professional sports. Beane's decisions on hiring players -- and those of an increasing number of his competitors -- are based on quantitative evaluation techniques, aimed at finding market mispricing. He freely admits that he has borrowed liberally from the techniques of value investing and arbitrage. To the extent that they work, people such as the fund managers at T. Rowe Price want to know about them.

The story describes mostly well-covered ground, albeit from the perspective of a writer well versed in the world of financial markets. Thanks to Scott Baier for the link.

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