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Billy Beane for Commissioner!

Baseball Musings has a slew of posts on the management revolution touched off by Billy Beane's regime in Oakland. A very good point is made in these posts: Beane exploited a large gap in the market using sabremetrics, but the future will yield lower returns to the method as it's more widely adopted.

You can be confident that Beane knows this too. Now that the idea has spread, my hunch is he will find other methods of beating the competition. To my reading, that was the real message of Moneyball: Beane as an innovator, and the story of how he overcame resistance to his inspired thinking.

Bud Selig has had his run as commissioner. He's been a PR nightmare in my book, but Jayson Stark argues that changes of real value have been accomplished on his watch. Stark's analysis seems accurate to me, and it underscores the importance of innovation over image.

An innovator like Beane might be what baseball needs to regain its position in America's sports hierarchy. Would the owners be bold enough to hire him when Selig steps down?