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Bob Feller -- a blast from the past

From today's entry in the 2005 edition of the calendar, "This Day in Baseball:"

January 18, 1950

Cleveland Indians righthanded ace Bob Feller takes a $20,000 pay cut at his own request after going 15-14 for the "Tribe" in 1949. He would improve to 16-11 in 1950 and would win 22 games in 1951.

Wow; sounds like Feller was on a mission. I wonder what he thinks of the money in the game today. 15-14 gets you $22 million plus over three years these days -- Kris Benson, Matt Clement, take your pick -- with zero chance of a self-imposed pay cut.

We don't pine for the days of yore at The Sports Economist. But change the name and amount, and the Bob Feller entry would fit this month's spoof in The Atlantic's "Sports Names in the News" (subscription required). A sample:

Basketball legend Herb Fungus was clocked early this morning by the local police driving his Lamborghini at 29 mph in a 30-mph zone and staying in his lane after attending an all-night party. "No weaving, no line crossing, nothing," marveled a police officer at the scene.