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Boswell on the Bosox

Thomas Boswell adds to the hype of a hyped up series, doubtless sowing the seeds of future mythological literature. But with his conclusion, and indeed much that preceeds it, I concur:

[T]he Red Sox stealing the pennant from the Yankees not once but four times within 72 heart-stopping hours was something more than just the greatest last-gasp comeback in history.

More than that, it was a partial squaring of accounts, a down payment on simple fairness. With due respect to Brian Cashman, Torre and their classy players, the Yankees cannot escape the fact that their franchise has used its wealth to tilt the supposedly level playing field of sport by a larger margin and over a far longer period of time than any other team in our national history. If somebody should have the biggest flop on record in our national pastime, it should be the Yankees; and it should be while George Steinbrenner III owns them at a moment when he has, yet again, broken his own gluttonous payroll record with a $182 million team.

If any club deserved the right to administer these dishonors to the Yankees, it was the Red Sox, crownless for 86 years. The true distinction of this fabulous week was that this ALCS was the most fun -- the most unadulterated, disbelieving, decades-overdue fun -- that baseball has experienced in our time. And maybe, if you like a pinch of malice with your meat, ever.

Well, I'm not sure unremitting tension is fun, but the result of it all surely was.