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Change the College World Series?

Dennis Dodd reports that the Big Ten - who have not sent a team to the CWS since Michigan in 1984 - wants to play it in July, and to ban games prior to March 1st. The current schedule favors southern schools, who get an earlier start to the season. "Twenty percent of the country controls the national championship," Ohio State coach Bob Todd said this week. "It's not fair. It's time we make a stand."

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney states that "We need some competitive equity in a sport that has none." It appears that Delaney's sense of equity means forcing schools in the south to play games in the heat after the students have gone home for the summer. That's thoughtful of him! On the football side however, it's tradition that matters to commissioner Delaney: "We believe in the bowl system and the Rose Bowl. We do not believe in a college playoff.... we believe in the bowl tradition." Hmmmm, ok Mr. Delaney. We can discuss these things when you adopt a consistent set of principles for athletic competition.