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Chicago Colleagues Share Friedman Memories

There are many commentaries on Milton Friedman's life and his contributions to economics scattered around the econ blogs. One very interesting memorial I've yet to see linked is a discussion among his Chicago colleagues. Robert Lucas, Sam Peltzman (attired in his usual way), Gary Becker, and Eugene Fama shared their memories of Friedman in a videotaped discussion a few days after his passing. From Milton's bad driving habits - by concentrating on the argument, he had a tendenecy to miss turns - to the nature of his Econ 301 course in price theory, the video provides more "up close and personal" views of the great man than you'd find from most sources in the commercial media.

The video lasts about an hour and is a long download, so "right-click-and-save" is advised. Here is the web page, which contains an obituary and links to media commentary as well, and here is the video. The discussion was organized by Anil Kashyap of the Chicago GSB, and is well worth listening to when you have an hour to relax and reflect. Thanks to Casey Mulligan for the link.