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Coach Debreu

Gerard Debreu, the Nobel Prize winning economist responsible for "the existence proof" of a competitive equilibrium, died in Paris on Dec. 31. This obituary from UC Berkeley covers the standard ground, but also offers some interesting personal details about the man. Keeping with this blog's sporting theme, here's a bit on Debreu the Football Coach:

It was a more playful Debreu that was seen on campus in 1983, just before he won the Nobel, when he enthusiastically volunteered to coach the first ever "Little Big Game" between economics graduate students from UC Berkeley and Stanford – despite knowing nothing about American football. Debreu coached the UC Berkeley team while [Kenneth] Arrow coached the Stanford team. The intradepartmental touch-football game became an annual event with the winner awarded a bronzed apple core trophy in honor of Arrow's and Debreu's Nobel Prize-winning theoretical work on the equilibrium (or "core") of an economy.