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College football & season ticket rights

Virginia Tech is reallocating seats to season ticket holders. The new policy is a textbook example of increasing revenue by separating fans on the basis of willingness to pay, with a nod to loyal followers:

Season-ticket holders had previously been able to keep their same seats when they renewed, but this year, many of them must move to make room for bigger donors to the Hokie Club, the athletic department's fund-raising unit.

Virginia Tech -- which sold 37,411 season tickets last year -- notified those ticket holders in October of how they will allocate the seats.

Hokie Club members at the Golden Hokie level -- those who give $2,000 to $4,999 per year -- have been picking their seats since May 2.

But some people had priority over the 2,400 Golden Hokies in the Hokie Club. Fans who have bought season tickets every year since 1966 got to keep their seats. Then came annual Hokie Club donors of $5,000 or more; they each got to buy six tickets. Next up were people who were season-ticket buyers for at least 35 straight years; they got to buy four tickets apiece. It was then time for the Golden Hokies; they also get to buy four tickets apiece.

Two grand per year gets you the right to be fourth in line to buy seats. How 'bout them Hokies!

See the story at for more details. I wonder how many fans have purchased tickets continuously since 1966?