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Cuban on taking a charge

Worth thinking about, at least.

Off the ball defender charges should be eliminated. It should ALWAYS be a block. It would mean we could get rid of the half circle under the basket since that only applies to off the ball, 2ndary defenders, and we would speed up the game and add highlight plays to every game and reduce the number of injuries suffered by our best players every year.

One thing to clarify on for those who aren’t familiar with NBA rules. This would in no way apply to charges taken when you are actively guarding your man. So if Nash is guarding Marbury, and Marbury lowers a shoulder and knocks over Nash, or vice versa, it would still be a charge.

Update: Dan Lewis has more on the issue of rules. He makes the point that fouling "should offer no strategic benefit." This is a problem in many sports -- soccer and football have similar issues, and designing proper rules to address the problem is difficult. If Cuban is right, and his proposal was summarily dismissed by the old guard, that's unfortunate, to put it mildly. His proposal deserves consideration.