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David Stern, cartel manager

How does The Las Vegas Kings sound?

NBA commissioner David Stern said yesterday that he's "positive" the All-Star Game in Las Vegas this weekend will lead to "initial discussions" about allowing a team to relocate permanently to that city.

In an interview with Newsday, Stern said he has not dropped his objections to having a team in Las Vegas while NBA games are on the city's gambling books. But in a significant change in position, Stern said he would not stand in the way if league owners voted to move a team to Las Vegas without taking games off the betting lines.

"Absolutely, not, I wouldn't," Stern said in a 20-minute phone conversation advancing the league's first All-Star Game in a non-NBA city.

The story was sent by a longtime TSE reader who understands how an effective cartel operates. He opines:

So, let's see, the Maloofs just lost in a landslide election in Sacramento, there are no new prospects around here, the Maloofs have stronger ties to Vegas than to Sacramento, and are hosting the All Star game in Vegas this coming weekend, and all the early-exit clauses that went with the original Kings loan expire this coming summer...

Nah. All just a long sequence of pure coincidences. There's no connection here. Nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen. Move ahead, please.