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DC Baseball?

Doubtful, at best. The vilification of Linda Cropp is certainly in full swing though.

For edification, visit Eric McErlain's place if you haven't already been there. The measured, but firm response of MLB to the council's vote is covered here, where Eric cautiously predicts that baseball will "gather its marbles and go home."

I sense no apology coming from MLB for trying to pull a fast one on the citizens of DC. Recall, if you can, that the incoming DC council was elected on a "no stadium" platform.

Ms. Cropp may be opportunistic, and perhaps duplicitous. But it was Mayor Williams - and Commissioner Selig - that negotiated the preliminary agreement between DC and MLB, apparently against the will of DC's citizens. When the final chapter is written, they could well be the villains of the piece.

McErlain's comprehensive bibliography of media reaction is here. Go there if you have an hour to spend on the subject.