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Door to the Hall opens for Fritz Pollard

Fritz Pollard has been elected to the NFL's Hall of Fame. Pollard was one of the best players of his era in both College and the Pros, only to have segregation force him out of the NFL and onto the Brown Bombers in Harlem, a team that took on any side that dared to cross the color line.

I found out about Pollard last year through a fabulous article by Daniel Coyle in SI, and posted on it here. Here is more on Pollard from William C. Rhoden in the New York Times, arguing that a Hall without Pollard is unworthy of the name. He's right, and bravo to the senior committee for rectifying, in the only way they can, the NFL's historical error.

Dan Marino will get today's headlines, but readers with a longer view should remember that Pollard was the Marino of his day, and more.