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Economic impact: the missing items

Selected items carelessly omitted in economic impact studies, from an LA centric Kevin Modesti:

$743,000 to auto-body shops for repairs made necessary by fender-benders at exits from Dodger Stadium parking lot.

$249 million to tattoo parlors and hair stylists from David Beckham.

$24.9 million to tattoo removers from parents whose kids emulate David Beckham.

$76,000 in co-payments to HMO urgent-care facilities from patients requiring extractions of four-inch splinters picked up from Coliseum seats.

$6 million for extra fuel for traffic helicopters reporting on congestion stemming from major events at the Rose Bowl.

$954,000 to lawyers to defend city and county against Al Davis lawsuits.

$160,000 from USC football office to print "alternate" promotional material omitting name of Reggie Bush.

$27,000 to cardiologists for treatment of palpitations brought on by watching Angels bullpen lately.

$29.95 to commission studies showing that sports contribute a lot to the economy.