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"Economic reality deals sports jarring hit"

I've talked with a number of reporters recently on the subject of the impact of the economy on sports -- the reverse of the usual question. Perhaps the growing recognition that sports is dependent on the larger economy, and not the opposite, will put a dent in the vast overstatement of sports' economic impact ..... naah, we'll get through the economic downturn and things will get back to normal. I'm sure. ... Well, maybe not so sure. Let's hope we get through the recession intact, at least!

Anyway, the conversations have interesting, and fun. At, Greg Boeck captures more than a sound bite of my views in an article that is, I think, spot on. The money quote:

"Sports have been riding a tide of economic growth and tremendous growth in media-based revenue," says Sauer. "You didn't need to pay much attention to what was going on to make money owning a franchise. You go along for the ride, whether you are a bad manager and put a bad product on the field or a good manager with a good product. You can always sell out to someone who wants to love the team."

Not anymore.

Not sure that I said the word "love" (cellphone signals can get sketchy at times), but that will do.