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Environmental regulation, with a foul odor

North Carolina has petitioned the EPA to force reductions in pollution from power plants in neighboring states (yep, all of 'em) by 70 to 80 per cent. And throw in Michigan, at 50 per cent, for good measure.

North Carolina has been in trouble with the EPA before, and to obtain compliance agreed to reduce pollution at its largest power plants by 70 per cent from 1998 levels. (This story, mostly about the petition, has a few facts from the earlier episode). The petition thus seeks to impose similar costs on its neighbors. My hunch is that the EPA crowd would be delighted if they could do so: "For EPA, aggressive energy conservation and green power work hand in hand. EPA is committed to green power," said Bill Laxton, director of EPA's Office of Administration and Resource Management in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

These people are putting the nation's electricity supply at risk.