Essays on Economic Aspects of Sport

TSE contributors write op-eds and occasional essays on economic aspects of sport.  While our academic journal articles are best searched on  our individual web sites (see this page), the list below contains some of our writing oriented towards a lay audience.

Dennis Coates and Brad Humphreys

  • "Caught Stealing: Debunking the Case for D.C. Baseball," Cato Institute Breifing Paper No. 89, October 2004

Phil Miller

  • "Book Review: National Pastime" by Stefan Szymanski and Andrew Zimbalist", The Sports Economist, June 2005

Raymond Sauer

  • "The scale of competition", The Sports Economist, November 2004
  • "Interview", with Aaron Steelman of the Richmond Fed, Region Focus, Spring 2006
  • "Gloabalization and American Soccer", Tech Central Station, June 2006
  • "Refereekonomics," August 2006
  • "The Residual Value of Marshawn Lynch", September 2006
  • "The Economics of Moneyball", podcast with EconTalk's Russ Roberts, October 2006
  • "Triple Threat", The American, June 2008
  • "Sport, The State, and the Market", Occasional Paper No. 49, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Fur die Freiheit

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