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Facts and Figures

Just for the record, here are some pieces from the past week with notable information. From Austin, Eric Dexheimer paints a picture of "The Longhorn Economy." Where the budget has now crossed the $100 million mark, or $210,000 per student athlete. Tuition, room and board are about $7.6 million, relatively small potatoes. "Class checkers " and "quality control" supervisors run about $30,000 per year, each. Plenty of swag, and la de dah, 'there's a lake of stew and of whiskey too, you can paddle all around 'em in a big canoe, in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.' Until you get arrested, that is. (Hat tip to Tom in Houston).

Also of note from last week, Chris Isidore tallies the cost of the Mets' collapse at Depending on how far the Mets could go, the figure runs from about $1 million to$15 million, not much by Texas standards ;). One of the nice things in Isidore's piece, and worth copying down, is his account of how the collective bargaining agreement defines the distribution of post-season revenues between teams and players. Even the Mets, as one of the four second-place teams to not make the post-season, get a small sliver of it.