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Fire Michael Brown

I don't jump on every blog-bandwagon, but I'm with Michelle Malkin, Andrew Sullivan, and BT in Ohio who started the Fire Brown Now blog.

I lost faith in Brown as early as last Tuesday - before the enormity of the flooding set in. In a television interview he repeatedly used "I" to refer to the things that would be done, and that ultimately were not done. "I am doing this... I am going to do that... I'm in control." Ugh. No one person can do such things alone, and ego-maniacs with an "it's all about me" attitude are useless as leaders.

In those few minutes of a TV interview Brown displayed the fatal conceit of a government bureaucrat in its worst possible form. His presence compounded an already disastrous situation.

The aforementioned bloggers have stated that in order to show that he "gets it," Bush must fire Michael Brown. That's very true, but more importantly, the relief effort requires that Brown get out of the way.

Update: It is possible that this has already happened, in effect. From today's Washington Post:

Brown has been eclipsed by his boss, [Homeland Security Secretary Michael] Chertoff -- who flew overnight Sunday to take charge of integrating military with civilian efforts -- and by a new deputy, U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen, whom Chertoff named yesterday to take charge of federal recovery efforts in New Orleans.