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Foreign Ownership in the English Premier League

Of the 20 EPL teams, 6 are now controlled by foreigners:

Aston Villa
Randy Lerner (America)
Roman Abramovich (Russia)
Mohamed Fayed (Egypt)
Manchester United
Malcolm Glazer (America)
Alexandre Gaydamak (Israel)
West Ham
Eggert Magnusson (Iceland)

That's from a discussion of Magnusson's plans for West Ham. Fayed and Ambramovich, who made big splashes with their investments several years ago (significantly improving the performance of their clubs) are now the old boys in the league of foreign owners. This is a growing trend. Up next on the block is Liverpool, apparently to the Dubai International Capital group, for £250m plus a £200m commitment for a new stadium.

The new money is funding investment in upstarts like Portsmouth, previously dormant clubs like Aston Villa and West Ham, and of course the ultimate big-spenders in high-flying Chelsea. Survival, let alone being competitive in the EPL will be more challenging as a result, and more expensive due to the pressure on player wages.

Other owners are complaining, as good 'ol boy, would-be cartel members should. Bolton's chairman was on the EPL Preview Show last week issuing concerns over the flood of foreign money. In addition, Watford's manager and Wigan's chairman have issued calls for a salary cap. These are interesting times, where (as I've said before) the organizational stucture of one of the world's great leagues is up for grabs.