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Game over: Chelsea and Ambramovich's money

Thanks to Russian Oil and Roman Abramovich, Chelsea can outspend any club in the world, and have been. They've also become very tough to beat, even if they have been quite fortunate on several recent occasions. There is such an air of inevitability about them that one bookmaker has thrown in the towel on the season, paying off bets on Chelsea to win the EPL with 31 games left to play!

Ain't it swell to be swimming in oil money, Chelsea fans? And for good measure, Abramovich has just reportedly sold his interest in Sebneft to Russia's state oil company for a reported $12.7 billion. At, the paper is asking readers to make suggestions on how Abramovich should spend it. Pablo Halkyard at the World Bank's Private Sector Development blog would like to see the oligarch take a crack at poverty. A noble cause for a nobleman. But as for myself, I think he should purchase Clemson's state assets from the government of South Carolina, and turn them over to..... me.