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Glazer's business plan?

There has been much speculation in the press that Malcolm Glazer intends to negotiate TV deals independently from the Premier League. The problem is that the issue has already been settled both internally among the League, and externally with the European Commission on Competition. But that doesn't stop the spin-meisters. For example, this story in The Guardian quotes a Commission spokesman as if what he is saying is news to Glazer:

Malcolm Glazer has been dealt a serious blow to his hopes of Manchester United securing their own TV deals after the European Commission today said they would not support a legal challenge by the club's new owner.

If Glazer has spent over a billion bucks without knowing that this issue has been raised and dealt with by the Commission on more than one occasion, he has not done due diligence. Hence I doubt that his strategy is based on independent television deals.

The way Premier League TV money is distributed is explained in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the league's website - it's not exactly a corporate secret:

195 countries show FA Premier League matches on television. ...

50% of total [TV; ed.] money goes on an equal share basis to the 20 FA Premier League clubs, while relegated clubs also receive some of this money in the form of a parachute payment. 25% of the money is paid as facility fees, which are determined by the number of appearances on television. 25% is paid in merit payments, determined by the position that a club finished in the league.

Several years ago, Manchester United attempted to change the rules governing distribution of TV revenue. As described in the Guardian story, the other clubs were not persuaded - United's proposal was voted down, 19-1.

Glazer may have some innovations in mind for Man U, but he's not telling the press, so they are just making stuff up. That's my take at least.

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