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Greek crowd gets kudos

Actually, these snips from a NY Times piece on the US men's 77-71 basketball win over Greece are a shameless plug for Clemson Tiger Basketball:

The "Hellas! Hellas!" chants soared to a high-pitched screech, and fans urgently waved their Greek flags, draping Helliniko Indoor Arena in a canopy of frenzy.

...Lamar Odom, who began the day with a queasy stomach, upheld the Americans' 4-point lead in the final 15.5 seconds by stymieing Dimitris Papanikolaou's drive under the basket and lifting the United States to a 77-71 victory.

Nobody heard the American players exhale when the buzzer sounded, because 12,000 delirious fans saluted their team for coming close.

...LeBron James showed his quickness, intercepting passes and storming downcourt for three spectacular dunks in a first-half flurry that stretched the Americans' lead from 1 point to 10. He even made a rare jumper to begin the fourth quarter, giving the United States a 6-point cushion.

But within minutes, the Americans on the bench began crouching on their knees, nervously clenching their towels as they tried to cheer over the din.

"Our games in Turkey and Serbia really prepared us for this," Odom said, referring to the pre-Olympic exhibition tour.

Stephon Marbury tried to play down the noise, saying that Littlejohn Arena at Clemson was louder when he played for Georgia Tech.

But James said: "That was the loudest arena I've ever been in. It was electrifying."

Go Tigers! Now back to our regularly scheduled program.