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Greeks vs. Germans, Python style

Amid the usual grab-bag of anti-soccer coverage during the World Cup, I find it ironic that no one I read mentioned Monty Python's soccer skit. The one where Greek and German philosophers wander around the pitch, scratching their heads and arguing with each other while the untouched ball sits in the middle, and the commentator discussing the "action" with erudite enthusiasm.

"The Germans playing 4-2-4, Leibniz in goal, back 4 Kant, Hegel, Schopenauer, and Schelling, front-runners Schlegel, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche and Heidegger, and a midfield duo of Beckenbauer and Jaspers, Beckenbauer a bit of a surprise there." Confucius books Nietzsche for claiming the ref had no free will, Socrates scores on a cross from Archimedes in the 90th minute, and Marx (a 2nd half substitute) argues that Socrates was offside. Marx's quibble is something of a moot point, since the Germans weren't defending anyway.

Here's the video in 2 parts, each just over two minutes long (part 1, part 2). Funny stuff.

Now, if you're still serious about the post-mortem following Zidane's head butt, here's what the great one said, word by word (albeit interpreted). He did apologize to the kids, though not to Materazzi, which ensures that his statue will be erected in Marseille after all.