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High and rising ticket prices

Tottenham Hotspur have the highest priced matchday ticket in next season's English Premier League at £70, and newly promoted Wigan have the lowest at £12. Both clubs use differential ticket pricing, to reflect the expected demand conditions for each team. It's a safe bet that Tottenham's bottom level price of £41 will be in effect when Wigan come to North London. That, ironically, is the same as the most expensive ticket at Malcolm Glazer's Manchester United.

The Telegraph's Mick Collins writes as if the growing demand to watch football, as expressed in these prices, is a "problem." It may be, but firms surely prefer problems that stem from increasing demand to the opposite.

The NFL has been underpricing the Super Bowl - even at $500 per ticket - for years. But did you know that you could have seen the early editions for less than $10, and some of the classic games of the 1970s for $20? That's what the data say, as reported in this article in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. Here's the picture: