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How big can cricket get?

A guy from Mexia, Texas (I've been there!) thinks it can get really really big:

Billionaire Sir Allen Stanford believes Twenty20 cricket can replace football as the biggest game in world sport.

The Texan told BBC Sport he was ready to invest in an English version of the Indian Premier League and predicted it could be worth as much as £500m.

"Twenty20 has the potential to be the most popular team sport in the whole world in maybe less than 10 years.

"But it's going to take a highly organised, highly efficient management team to run this show," he said.

That, and more I suspect. From a US standpoint, cricket seems an unlikely prospect. But India & other places are growing, and American baseball does not have any kind of edge over cricket there, as far as I can see.

: Here is some information on the Twenty20 version of cricket. They've tweaked the rules to make the contest watchable and tv friendly.