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How 'bout a beer?

Michael Stetz, in the San Diego Union Tribune on beer prices at Padres games:

The team's organization has raised most beer prices every year since moving downtown to Petco Park in 2004. Opening Day is Monday and guess what: The streak lives on.

This season, prices will increase on all beer sold at the stadium, with the most expensive being $9 for premium brands. Last season, they were 50 cents less. The cheapest beer is now $6.50 for a 16-ounce domestic draft, up 75 cents.

...But the Padres say higher beer prices help maintain a family-friendly environment, which is one of the reasons they're more aggressive in raising those prices instead of others, said Richard Andersen, executive vice president in charge of ballpark management.

“We don't want to do anything to encourage excessive alcohol consumption,” Andersen said. “We want people to have a beer or two if they like. We're not interested in attracting people who want six or eight beers.”

I've been to the taverns at Petco where the beer lines are three or four people deep, and the atmosphere is boisterous with nary a child in sight. I don't think maintaining a "family-friendly atmosphere" has much to do with the price change.