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How the rich get richer under affirmative action

If you read yesterday's report on the Pennsylvania slot legislation, you might have noticed a section at the bottom discussing efforts to make sure that some of the profits from state-sponsored gambling are targeted for minorities. My guess is that this story is related. NFL looking at Bettis' role in slots plan:

The National Football League, which frowns on player involvement in the promotion of gambling, is reviewing Steelers running back Jerome Bettis' link to a proposed horse racing track and slot machine operation in Hays.

Bettis, along with developer Charles J. Betters, met with several members of the state Legislature Tuesday to discuss plans to include minorities in his project.

Betters' $500 million Pittsburgh Palisades Park would include a horse racing track, slots casino, townhouses, retail development, and a hotel.

Jamal Dokes, who is Bettis' business manager, said that the Steelers running back does have a relationship with Betters but wouldn't say whether it was a financial arrangement.

...State Rep. LeAnna Washington, D-Philadelphia, said Betters and Bettis met for 30 minutes at the state Capitol Tuesday with her and two other leaders of the Black Legislative Caucus -- state Sens. Vincent Hughes and Anthony Williams, both Philadelphia Democrats.

Washington said Bettis described himself as "a part owner'' of Betters' project. Bettis also described himself as "a partner in the deal," she said.

Bettis has earned millions on the basis of merit in the NFL. But political pressure to make sure that minorities get their share of the loot from slots is mere window dressing when it comes to tackling the economic problems faced by minorities. This episode is an echo from Thomas Sowell's recent book, Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study.

As for the NFL, Bettis' employer, the Rooney family, owns two racetracks. If Bettis gets involved with Pennsylvania slots, it would be hypocritical for the NFL to try and stop him.