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Hurrah! It's Derby Week

We kick off Derby Week - a week of anticipation - with a look back in time.

This horse continues to fascinate people who love racing as well as people who follow the sport two minutes a year.

"People ask for anything," said Erika Justus, a farm receptionist and tour guide who hosted a group of nearly 100 teachers from across America at Three Chimneys Tuesday. "Hats. T-shirts. Pictures. Hair. Manure."


"Manure," she shrugged.

The horse? Smarty Jones of course, last year's Triple Crown phenom. How popular is he? Well, if you want to pay him a visit on a weekend, get your tickets early: all slots are taken through mid-July. Smarty Fever lives on.

For a trip down memory lane, here is our archive page from last May, which has a slew of Smarty posts.