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Hurricane Kelo

Across the inlet from Palm Beach sits Riviera Beach, Florida. In contrast to Palm Beach, Riviera Beach is racially diverse and relatively poor, with median per capita income of $19,000. The mayor claims the city is need of "redevelopment" and that his people are "in dire need of jobs." So he is going to .... tear down 2,000 homes and uproot 6,000 citizens using the power of eminent domain, in order to build a 400 acre marina project. This would be the largest relocation "since 1954, when 5,000 residents of Washington were displaced for eventual development of the Southwest D.C. waterfront." Hurricane Katrina notwithstanding, of course.

As Justice Thomas argued, Kelo "erased the public use clause from the constitution." Rather damaging, rather like a hurricane. Thanks to Frank at Division of Labour for the link.