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Hypothesis Refuted?

Andy Pettitte has declined his option to remain with the Yankees, claiming that he needs time to figure out whether he wants to pitch at all next year. Like Alex Rodriguez, his contract gave him ten days after the World Series to make up his mind. The Yanks have apparently said to Pettitte, go ahead, take your time to decide, we want you back.

At first glance, this seems inconsistent with the good professor's hypothesis noted in the post below. The Yanks' tone in response to Pettitte has been one of accommodation. In contrast, their tone with Rodriguez was furious. (You might be too if a loud public NO! cost you over $20 million). Furious vs. accommodating could imply that there is simply no way back to the Yanks for A-Rod. But how many holes do the Yanks wish to fill, while competing with a well-stocked Boston club for the summit of the American League? It could be that the welcoming response to the Pettitte announcement is a signal that the Yanks will ultimately enter "let's talk" mode.

Or something else. One thing seems clear: Yankee machinations are likely to dominate the hot stove league.