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Intermittent posts this week

I'll be traveling, and once I get home it's time for a religious holiday, the Kentucky Derby. Here are a few links to things near and dear.

There is truly something special going on at Arsenal, who clinched the title to England's Premier League on Sunday, having yet to taste defeat. Four games remain to be negotiated before Arsenal can claim a truly historic accomplishment - no one has gone unbeaten in England since Preston's "invincibles" in 1888. Yet, for all the beautiful football and accompanying accolades, yet there is a taste of something missing. Henry Winter reports here, and former goalkeeper Bob Wilson adds perspective for those interested in the history of the club.

Update: Almost forgot... In addition to the reliable Jennie Rees (see below), here's a link to more good writing on Saturday's Kentucky Derby. Steve Haskin, like me, loves the look of a good horse, and his reports on the workouts from Churchill's backstretch show it. The problem with the Derby - if you want to call it that - is that almost every single one of the horses entered in the race is truly exceptional, and has trained to be in peak condition on the first Saturday in May. Steve just reports what he sees, and its true, every year: these horses look great. They are truly special. In my opinion Steve is right: even longshot Pro Prado has a decent chance to hit the board. This year's Derby trifecta will be one tough cookie to crack!