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Items of interest

--Fulham FC charged £25 for a ticket for their match with Manchester City, and £45 for today's match with league leaders Manchester United. Varying ticket prices in response to the quality of the visiting team is now common in the U.S. This story at BBC Sport suggests the practice is catching on in England, as the price for the United game has increased by £20 in the past two years. Man Utd fans are claiming that they're being "ripped off" and are protesting (again). Cry me a river...

--A Florida legislator is proposing that the state hand out tax breaks of $2m per year to infra-marginal teams, provided that they "pledge" to remain in Florida for 15 years. The bill does require that they spend the money on stadium improvements, but the teams would presumably extract that value in the price of tickets, leaving fan welfare unchanged. Thanks for the millions!

--Backyard ultimate fighting, blood lust, and the demand for regulation, discussed here.