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Jock tax bites Wembley

From the BBC:

Wembley Stadium has lost out to Real Madrid's Bernabeu Stadium in its bid to host the 2010 Champions League final because of tax reasons, says Uefa.

Wembley was discounted after failing to provide assurances that players competing in the final would not be taxed by the British government.

"Yes, the reason was the taxes," said Uefa president Michel Platini.

...A British Treasury spokesman said in a statement: "The UK has hosted many sporting events in the past and there has been no change in the tax rules or the way they are applied.

"There appears to be some misunderstanding here and we will obviously be speaking to Uefa to clarify the position and reassure them that the rules have not changed."

...But Platini added: "The concerns we had over players being taxed were minimised by the English FA but not confirmed by the British government."

Uefa maintains that footballers should be taxed in their country of domicile and that taxing them separately in every country in which they play matches would be both unfair and unnecessarily complicated.