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Johnny Ramone, ...

... Republican. I had no idea. One just assumes that rockers (like Duke professors) are Democrats, but I do respect folks who think for themselves and aren't shy about it.

Apparently, he likes to mix it up on occasion with his friends:

Not that Mr. Ramone's friends must pass an ideological litmus test. He still holds ideological hopes for the relentlessly liberal Mr. Vedder. When the Pearl Jam singer impaled a mask of Mr. Bush and slammed it to the stage at a Denver concert on the heels of the Iraq invasion last April, Johnny Ramone let him know that he thought it was a stupid move.

"I got serious with him and told him that he was alienating people," Johnny says. "And I got him to see the point."

In defense of Mr. Vedder, his friendship with Mr. Ramone suggests he doesn't put much stock in litmus tests either. Via Southern Appeal.